Fox Grove School

Bringing out the best

We are online - welcome to our website

We are delighted to welcome you to the website for the brand new school we are aiming to build for children and young people with autism.

The purpose-built facility, Fox Grove,  is a joint project with the LiFT Partnership, Surrey County Council, Therfield School and the Department for Education and is still firmly in the planning stages.

We will update this new site with any news as we work through a complex process of designing, planning and constructing Fox Grove which will be a second home for children aged from four to 19.

The proposals will also see a new four-court sports hall for Therfield School, which currently owns the land on which we will be building Fox Grove, next to West Hill, also part of the LiFT Partnership.

There will be a round of public consultation and various opportunities to comment on the proposals and we will update this site as we have news to share with you.