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The Howard Partnership Trust (THPT) is a Surrey based Multi-Academy Trust, comprising four secondary, six primary and two special schools with two further under development. We are proud of our ethos of collaboration and inclusion, "Bringing out the best" in students of all abilities and backgrounds. Visit website

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Fox Grove School


Fox Grove School Statement of Provision  

Introductory statement

Fox Grove School is a mixed special school for children aged 4-19. Typically pupils will be taught in small classes of 6 to 9. Additional flexible teaching spaces for our most complex and high need learners will be planned to enable us to plan highly individual provision for those unable to cope full time in a classroom shared with others. The school is designed to meet the needs of pupils with significant barriers to learning, such as autism with learning difficulties, medical issues or speech, language and communication needs.


Admissions to the School

Fox Grove School is a special school which provides 152 places for children of both sexes in the age range 4-19 with Complex, Social and Communication Needs (CSCN).

For a child to be admitted, the school must be named, by a local authority, in the child’s education health and care plan (‘EHCP’).

Parents wishing their children to benefit from our provision should ask their local authority to name our school in their child’s EHCP.

A local authority can also refer a child to the school* to be assessed for an EHCP plan or following a change in the child’s circumstances for his or her needs to be assessed or reassessed. Any assessment should be completed within the 20 weeks set out in the SEND Code.

Children being assessed for an EHCP will be dual registered and return, full time, to their mainstream school if the LA decides not to issue an EHCP.

For further information on our school, and the process for obtaining a place here contact

Other school policies and further information can be found via these links  to:

  • Equal opportunities
  • Information sharing
  • The curriculum
  • complaints procedure
  • Safeguarding policy


* To refer a child in this way requires the agreement of the school’s home local authority (if the school is in another local authority area), the school and the child’s parents, or the student when he or she is a post 16 student.

Contact details for Surrey County Council

Surrey County Council’s SEND information is here.

Casual admissions at other times of the year are considered following requests from the Area Placement Panels, via SEND Caseworker.

Here are contact numbers for SEN Admin. This website is also a useful resource, as are the SEND Surrey Local Offer pages.

NE Surrey    01737 737940

SE Surrey    01737 737990

NW Surrey  01483 518110

SW Surrey   01483 518227