Fox Grove School

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About Us

The proposal is that Fox Grove School would:

  • Open in 2021/22 for up to 64 pupils and then grow over four years to educate up to 152 pupils;
  • Provide for pupils who have autism and additional social and communication needs;
  • Be established by existing successful local special schools; and
  • Be housed in brand new facilities that are being constructed on land at the back of Therfield School and adjacent to West Hill School

Fox Grove is being proposed because more children require special school placements, including increasing numbers of pupils with autism and complex needs. To meet this demand Surrey County Council has had to place children in settings further away from home. Establishing Fox Grove provides an opportunity to educate more children closer to their home and meet the needs of local children and families. Fox Grove would be the fourth dedicated school for children with autism and complex needs within Surrey, the other three of which are in different parts of Surrey. Fox Grove would work particularly closely with Linden Bridge School which serves pupils with similar needs and is also a THPT school.